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Ocean PPE Personal Protective Equipment services

Our primary function is to ensure that contractors (either privately or through agencies) are kitted out with the correct PPE for whichever particular wind farm project they are embarking on. Once we have the required kit list along with the contact name and phone number we take over the organisation and physical supply of the PPE. All equipment is tested and certificated giving the contractor the best continuity on site.  Certain fall arrest items only have a 6 month certificate which is why we ensure that certs are bang up to date when they are despatched giving the contractor the best chance of working through a contract without the hassle of returning equipment for re-testing.

We carry a wide range of hire stock which is all wind farm specification, by and large our equipment is set to Siemens standard.

Our crew information database helps us to keep on top of the whereabouts of crew at all times helping us to pre-empt any potential problems before they occur and as the wind farm industry never sleeps our troubleshooting response team is available 24/7/365.

So, our service is simple to describe but takes experience and dedication to achieve.  Alongside the management described above we also provide servicing for any PPE items (outside our own stocks)  in order to make sure they are compliant and up to date, all part of the overall management service.

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